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Quick Release Hose Clamp

Quick Release Hose Clamp Product Detail

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Quick Release Hose Clamp Product Description

This product uses the clamshell-type quick lock.
Currently used in the installation and removal of clamp are more trouble, so the efficiency is low.
The utility model, including bolts, floor, seat, and pinch buckle.
Set in the pinch bolts in the package in the buckle seat buckle, buckle seat fixed to the bottom floor.
On the floor in a cassette slot.
The utility model, when used, to achieve rapid installation and rapid removal of the function, greatly improving efficiency.

Quick Release Hose Clamp Type: 60-600mm, (Can be customized)
Size: 0.6 * 9mm
Material: Stainless steel 430/304
Surface finished: Plains, buttons(nickel plated)
Fastening diameter: 60-600mm (mm)
Quick Release Hose Clamp Application: Hose connections, tighten

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