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National Industrialization Level Of High Strength Fasteners Should Be Gradually Increased

Fastener in the market also known as the standard is two or more parts (or component) fastening used as a whole class of machine parts in General. It is widely used in machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools and moulds, equipment, instruments and supplies, such as the above. With the development of manufacturing industry in China at present, fasteners, as one of the products, which can import and export in China, with international standards, to promote China's fastener business to the world, promotion of fastener enterprises to participate in international cooperation and competition, are of great practical significance and strategic importance. Because each fastener products specifications, dimensions, tolerances, surface, weight, performance, marking, as well as the acceptance inspection, marking and packaging and other project specific requirements, is provided in several countries (industry) standards, such as the British, German and American.