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Fasteners Of Drilling Technology

Drilling methods common forms of fasteners:

1, manual impact drill: this method is slow and laborious, especially when drilling hard walls.

2, manual Rotary drilling machine: this method is drilled hard walls, especially when drilling larger holes is slow.

3, electric Rotary boring machines: drilling with high precision of this method, which applies to materials soft walls, such as brick or concrete walls.

4, electric Rotary/impact drill: this method is able to drill hard materials precisely on the walls, this approach applies particularly hard outside the walls of most of the large-size wall.

5, electric impact drill: this method is suitable for compacting concrete and drilled hard masonry materials, high speed, high precision, drilling up to 29 mm in diameter.

6, pneumatic impact drill: this is the fastest method, but drilling cannot always meet the requirements of accuracy and shape. This is a way for heavy civil construction drilling large diameter holes.