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Between 2025 And China Trade Will Grow 146% Into The World's Largest Trading Country

HSBC yesterday released a prediction about the prospects for global trade shows by 2025, China's cargo trade volume will reach about 6.3 trillion dollars, nearly 1.5 times than at present, this growth will be twice global trade growth for the same period, at which time China will surpass United States as the world's largest trading nation, 13% per cent of world trade.

This HSBC commissioned Delta Economics analysis of global trade Outlook report pointed out that China's trade volume is expected to grow by the end of 2025 146%. By 2015, China's trade growth is expected to be about 4 times faster than global trade growth. Globally, driven by emerging markets, including China's international trade will continue to grow, by 2025, global trade will increase compared to the current $73% to $48.5 trillion. Among them, China, Egypt, and India, Indonesia, Viet Nam and Brazil in six markets will be the main engine driving world trade growth during this period.